Draft EIS Public Comment Period

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Proposed Modernization and Expansion of Townsend Bombing Range (TBR), Georgia, is available below. The links can be used to download individual sections or the entire Draft EIS. The public comment period was from July 13 to September 27, 2012. Thank you to all who provided a comment during this period. Your comments were considered during the preparation of the Final EIS.

Draft EIS

Public Comment Meeting Materials

After the public meetings on August 7 and 9, 2012, the USMC decided to extend the public comment period to September 27, 2012. As a result, the comment period end date on these public meeting materials does not reflect the comment period extension.

Public Meeting Posters

These posters are electronic versions of the ones that were on display at the August 7 and 9, 2012, Public Meetings.

Public Involvement
History and Mission
Proposed Action and Alternatives
Resource Analysis
Resource Analysis (continued)
Real Estate Acquisition

Fact sheet

Fact sheet

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