Scoping Materials

The Townsend Bombing Range (TBR) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) scoping comment periods were from August 6 to September 7, 2010, and October 9 to November 8, 2010. Thank you to all who provided a comment during these time periods. Your comments were considered during the preparation of the Draft EIS. Please note that the publication of the Draft EIS provides another opportunity for public comment.

Public Scoping Period Comment Summary – May 2011

Please note that two changes have been made to the following materials since they were presented at the Public Scoping Meetings. First, on the History and Mission poster the current restricted airspace at TBR was shown to be larger than it actually is. This has been corrected and the restricted airspace is now accurately represented. Second, the proposed expansion area boundary was redrawn in an effort to more precisely illustrate the area the Marine Corps is considering for this project. The expansion area boundary on the posters now shows that no part of the Altamaha River or its western bank is being considered as part of Area 2. Further, the far southwestern portion of Area 1 has been incorporated into Area 2. These changes affect the Proposed Action and Alternatives posters and the Fact Sheet. If there are any questions related to the changes in these materials, please contact us using the project e-mail ( Since scoping, Area 2 has been removed from further evaluation (Area 2 Project Update Notice).

Scoping Meeting Posters

These posters are electronic versions of the ones that were on display at the August 24 and 26, 2010, Public Scoping Meetings.

Public Involvement
History and Mission
Proposed Action
Environmental Analysis

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Scoping Advertisements

NOI and Public Scoping Newspaper Advertisement
Re-opened Public Scoping Newspaper Advertisement